How to Download Flash Videos With Replay Media Catcher

This is a quick article on the basics of Replay Media Catcher. This is a cool program by Applian Technologies Inc. that makes it really easy to capture streaming videos. In demo mode Media Catcher will capture 100% of YouTube videos and 75% of videos on other sites. If you haven't already, go grab your very own copy of Replay Media Catcher.

 1. Open Media Catcher and it will appear like this:  


2. Click Yes. It is really important to Start Recording before going to the websites that you plan on capturing from. Once you click yes you will see the Recording Button turn red. This signifies that Media Catcher is ready to start grabbing media. Media Catcher should now look like this:


3. If you don't want to have to click Yes every time you start Media Catcher, you can change this option in the settings. Click Tools>>Settings and check the option Automatically Start Recording On Program Startup.



4. Go to the site that you want to capture from. I am going to Once you start playing the video that you want to capture, it will immediately show up in the Media Catcher list:



5. Media Catcher finished capturing the video before the video had finished playing on the site. Not only that, but the video was automatically renamed as well:



6. To play the video, simply right click on the file and choose Play Media:



The video will automatically open with Applian's free FLV Player:



That's it, you're done! As you can see this is a really great tool for capturing online videos. It works with HTTP and RTMP protocols. Media Catcher also captures MP3's and MP4's , making it a great program for many music sites as well. Now that you have seen how easy it is, download the demo of Replay Media Catcher and try it for yourself.

Learn more about downloading flash videos with Replay Media Catcher: